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"Eureka Science Solution" dealer of good quality instruments and market all types of Physics,Chemistry and Biology Lab apparatus tand instrument and equipment for schools and collages.


The main products dealing through our company are scientific instruments as given under audio and visual equipments like Multimedia projector, interactive board desktop/portable overhead projector, semi automatic slide projector and laboratory equipment Digital Balance, student microscope, Logic gate, TCA, NPN, PNP spectrometer,Physical balance,Hot plate,burette and retort stand,clamps, boss head etc.. Chemistry lab: contant temperature equipment ,glass ware products like beaker, test tube, flask and other lab apparatus funnels, bottles, volumetric flask, and cylinder, graduated lab glass ware.Biology lab: specimen jars, Fibre glass models like Human heart,ear,brain,teeth,RNA,DNA etc and Rexene charts and permanent slides for Microscope..


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